How do I get to the Photo Booth?

With our awesome photo booth feature you and your guests can now create digital photo square collages & photo strips, make looping stop motion GIFs, and capture more memories at your wedding!
Currently, the photo booth is only available on our smartphone platform (iOS and Android).
To get to the photo booth, simply launch Wedding Party on your mobile device.
1) Once in Wedding Party, find the camera icon in the toolbar located at the bottom  right of your screen on the photo timeline. 
2) From there, you'll see your screen turn into a camera. On the bottom right corner select the "Photo booth" button.
3) When ready tap the "Start" button, which will take 4 consecutive photos just like an actual photo booth.
4) On the next page, you and your guests will have an option to either make these 4 photos into a photo strip or a motion GIF!
For more information and detailed step by step instructions please check out our What's New Photo Booth page. 



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