I uploaded a photo to Wedding Party but it didn't show up on top of the timeline? Where did my photo go?

When you add photos to Wedding Party with a mobile device, photos upload in a timeline format. This means that they’re arranged by the date and time they were taken - not by the time they were uploaded.

For example, say you're at a friend's wedding, and throughout the night you take 30 photos. If you upload them all to Wedding Party the next day from your smartphone, your photos will automatically be placed in the timeline based on the time they were taken. So the bride and groom can get a minute by minute timeline of their big day.

The only exception to this rule is if you upload photos from the web to Wedding Party. All photos uploaded via the web to Wedding Party will be timestamped and arranged by the time the photo was uploaded. This is because photos taken by a digital camera may have unreliable metadata about the time and date the photo was taken, due to the camera's settings. To save the photos from being arranged randomly according to bad metadata, we simply place them at the top of the timeline to minimize confusion.


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