Where can I find the wedding event, registry, and accommodation info? (smartphone and website)

When you visit your group’s Wedding Party event, there are sections where you can see information for their special wedding events, registries, and guest accommodations. This is a great resource to stay up to date with the wedding!

How to find their wedding events, registry, and accommodation info via smartphone:

1) Launch Wedding Party on your iPhone or Android, and navigate to the Wedding Concierge page. To get to the Wedding Concierge page, go to the white toolbar that appears at the bottom of your screen with 4 icons, which is accessible when you're at the top of their wedding event photo timeline.

2) Choose the icon farthest to the left, which looks like a calendar. This will now lead you a page that provides you their “Events”, “Registry”, and “Accommodations” info.

Where you can go into each section to see what info they’ve added!

How to find their wedding events, registry, and accommodation info via web:

1) First, go to their Wedding Party website. If you already created an account and joined their event, you can sign into your account here.

2) Then on your Dashboard, in the “Weddings You Have Joined” section you should see their wedding event. Click on their name and it will lead you to their Wedding Party website.

3) Once you’re on their website, there should be different tabs below the bride and groom profile pictures. Where you can view their “Events”, “Registry”, and “Accommodation” information.

If you haven’t created an account yet, you’ll need to ask the couple for their website url and wedding name/code to join their wedding event. 


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