Can I join another wedding event on my Wedding Party account?

How to join multiple weddings on Wedding Party via a smartphone device:

1) First go to the top of the photo timeline page. Then choose the circular button with three parallel lines.The sliding side menu should appear.

2) On the sliding side menu, there will be an option at the top that says "Join a Wedding". Choose that option, and you'll see a page with an envelope appear.

3) Enter the Wedding Name and press "Go" to join the new wedding.

You can always navigate between the weddings you're a part of by going to the sliding side menu.

How to join multiple weddings on Wedding Party via website:

1) Login to your Wedding Party account on the web here.

2) Choose the “Join a Wedding” button at the top of your Home page

3) Type in the Wedding Name of the wedding you’d like to join. Press “Join the Wedding”

4) You should now be able to navigate between your different weddings from your Wedding Party Home page.


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