How can I add photos from Wedding Party to Facebook?

There are two ways to add photos from Wedding Party to Facebook -- individually, or in bulk (the bulk option is for admins only).

How to add individual photos to Facebook:

1) Find the designated photo on your Wedding Party photo timeline via your smartphone. Select the More button, which is represented by an ellipsis (...) in the bottom right corner of the photo.

2) A pop-up a menu will appear over the photo. Choose the "Share on Facebook" option.

How to create an entire Facebook album with every photo that's been added to your event:

1) First, go to the top of your photo timeline page. Choose the circular button with three parallel lines. The sliding side menu should appear.

2) On the sliding side menu, scroll down to the bottom. There should be a yellow button with a gear symbol -- this is the settings button. Select that, and you'll be taken to your settings page.

3) Select "Facebook Settings", where you should see a blue "Create Facebook Album" button. You MUST be logged in as the admin to your event see this button. Once you press that button, a Facebook album will be created on the Facebook account connected with your event.


Please note, after the Facebook album is created, you'll need to manage it through Facebook. If you’re receiving an error code when trying to share photos to Facebook, please view our FAQ article on how to fix this problem here.


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