How do I invite guests to join my wedding event?

How to invite guests via a smartphone device:

1) First launch Wedding Party on your phone and login.

2) Tap on the Guests icon at the white toolbar at the bottom of the screen, and you'll be taken to your guests page.

3) There, you can press the "Invite" button to invite guests using either a text message (SMS), email, or Facebook (iOS only). These messages are already pre-filled with the necessary info and include direct links, so your guests can easily download Wedding Party, create an account and join your wedding event.

4) Add in the names of the guests you would like to send the invitations to, and press “send”.

How to invite guests via the web:

You can also invite guests via email from your Wedding Party website.

1) First, login to your Wedding Party account here.

2) Once you're logged into your account, it should take you directly to your Wedding Party website. Where there should be a tool bar on the left hand side. 

3) Then, select the "Invite guests" button to invite your wedding guests.


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