How are photos arranged?

When you add photos to Wedding Party, they'll be arranged in the photo timeline. The photo timeline is the stream of photos that you can scroll through; you can also like, comment and tag photos (and more!) on the photo timeline.

By default, when photos are added to Wedding Party they'll go into the "All Photos" album. If the photo was uploaded via a smartphone, Wedding Party  will arrange the photo based on the time it was taken in the photo timeline. For example, if I took a photo in January and a photo two months later in March, if I uploaded the two photos at the same time, the photo from January would be placed lower in the photo timeline than the one taken in March.

If you add photos to the event using our computer uploader, those photos will be marked and arranged based on the time uploaded. This is because digital camera data is oftentimes off or corresponds to different time zones; to avoid confusion with this, we mark those photos in the "All Photos" album by the time they were uploaded.

You can add photos from the "All Photos" album to a different album in the wedding event; this allows you and your guests to see photos grouped together by event. After a photo is added to a new album, you'll be able to see it under "All Photos" or under that specific album. Once you scroll through all the photos in the "All Photos" album, you'll be able to scroll through photos album by album, starting with the most recent album first. Or, you can navigate to a specific album to see the photos that are part of that album without scrolling through "All Photos".

To learn how more about albums please refer to your "How do I add, edit, and delete photo albums?" article. 


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