How can I edit my Wedding Party setup info? (bride/groom names, wedding name, wedding date, cover photo, and core party)

Editing any of the info you entered when you setup your account is easy. You can change the following info at any time:

  • You and your partner's name
  • Your Wedding Name
  • Your Wedding Date
  • Your Cover Photo
  • Your Core Party

There are two ways you can edit your info -- through a smartphone device or on our website.

How to edit your info via your smartphone:

1) Launch Wedding Party on your smartphone device -- make sure that you're logged in as the wedding event admin (the email address and password or Facebook account that was used to create your Wedding Party event)

2) On the Timeline screen of your event, press the button with the three parallel lines in the top left corner.

3) Then select  the "Edit your Wedding" button. This will take you a place where you can edit your info.

How to edit your info via our website:

1) Login to your Wedding Party account here.

2) Once you're logged into your account, it should take you directly to your Wedding Party website. Where there should be a tool bar on the left hand side. 

3) Then, select the "Edit Your Wedding" button which will allow you to edit your weddings Cover photo, Date, Key, and invite your core people. 


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