How do you view different photo albums (ie. Bridal Shower, Wedding Ceremony, Wedding Reception)?

How to view different photo albums on a smartphone app:

If you want to just view photos from the engagement, or only see the pictures from the couple's rehearsal dinner, you're in luck! With the Wedding Party albums feature, you'll be able to quickly find and view photos from all of the couple's special wedding events. There are three ways to navigate to an album, which we will outline below.

1) The Toolbar -

You'll notice when you scroll down on the photo timeline, there's a white toolbar at the top that'll stick with you. On the left side of the toolbar, it'll tell you what album you're currently viewing. To change the album you're viewing, just tap on the album name and a menu will pop up where you can choose another album to view.

2) The Photo itself -

If you're viewing a photo on the timeline, you'll be able to see whether or not it's already added to an album. If a photo is part of an album, it'll have the album name in blue underneath the publisher's name. You can tap on this blue album name to go view the rest of the photos in that album. If a photo is not part of an album, this space will be left blank.

3) Scrolling down the timeline -

If you keep scrolling through the timeline,  you'll get to other albums in the order that they're arranged (generally with the most recent on top). Once you leave one album and are about to enter another album, we'll let you know with a cover screen for that next album. It'll tell you which album you're about to view, and how many photos have been added to it.

How to view different photo albums on a smartphone app:

The first step is to login to your Wedding Party website here. Then click on wedding you'd like to see in your "Weddings You Have Joined" section of the homepage. Once on the couples website, there should be an "ALBUMS: All Photos" button right above where all their photos are displayed. Click this button, where a drop down menu should appear with all their current photo albums.


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