How can I connect my account to Facebook? Why do I get an error when I try to connect to Facebook?

How to connect your account to Facebook via our smartphone app:

1) Choose the circular button with three parallel lines on the top of your timeline

2) Once in the left hand toolbar, select the Settings button. (You may have to scroll down to locate it)

3) In the Settings page, select the "Facebook Settings" option

4) Select the "Connect with Facebook" button to connect your current account.


If you're trying to connect to Facebook through Wedding Party and getting this error message (below), this might be because of your iPhone settings.

To change the settings and allow Facebook to connect with Wedding Party:

1) Select your iPhone settings

2)  Choose "Facebook"

3)  Scroll down and find "Wedding Party" in the list of apps

4) Toggle the switch next to Wedding Party "On"

After you adjust this setting, you should be able to go back into Wedding Party and connect to Facebook.


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