How do guests add their guest questionnaire/guest profile?

Once your guests successfully join your event they'll be able to fill out a questionnaire and guest profile that shares a little about themselves to you and your other guests! 

The information they can add on their profile page includes their photo, how they know the bride/groom, and whether or not they have a role in the wedding (ex. The Maid of Honor, a groomsman, etc).

With each guest profile, you'll also be able to see which photos (if any) the guest has added to your event, and the photos that they're tagged in. Profiles are a great way for guests to get to know one another before, during, and after the wedding!

Any guest can see another guests' profile by tapping on their name/photo on the guests page.

To Learn how guests can add or edit their personal profiles please refer to our "How do I add or edit my guest profile?" article.

At the moment, only our iOS platform has the option to add/edit guest questionnaires for them. Here's step by step instructions on how to do so: 

1) Please go to the Guests page on your wedding event (which is a blue icon with two people, on the bottom right of the page).

2) Tap the name of your guest you'd like add/edit the questionnaire for. Then on the top right of their profile there should be a small settings icon.

3) Click that icon and a bar should pop up that says "edit info", where you can edit their questionnaire (you’ll need to click arrow button to find the section you’d like to edit).


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