Are there notifications on Wedding Party? Where do I find them?

Yes, we do have some notifications available for you and your guests to stay up to date with your wedding event. There you'll be able to see when new guests join your wedding, when other guest “commented” or “liked” a photo you uploaded, when other guests tag you in a photo they’ve added, and when new messages are sent.

To view the notifications on your smartphone:

1) Please go to the top of their Wedding Party photo timeline page.

2) Choose the circular button that looks like it's got a newspaper on it. Where your notification panel will pop out of the right side of your screen, where you can scroll up or down.

Smartphone push-notifications:

We do have push-notifications our our smartphone platform. To edit your notifications:

1) Choose the circular button with three parallel lines on the top of your timeline

2) Once in the left hand toolbar, select the Settings button. (You may have to scroll down to locate it)

3) In the Settings page, select the "Notifications" page.

4) Once in "Notifications", you can turn on and off the certain push-notifications you'd like to receive. 

Email notifications:

Our daily email notifications provides you and your guests with the latest updates on your wedding event!  At the moment, these emails will summarize when new guests join and when photos get added to your event.

If your guests would like to unsubscribe from these emails, they can just go to the bottom of one of these emails and select to “unsubscribe” button.


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