How do I add, edit, and delete photo albums?

If you're an admin (the person who set up Wedding Party or their fiance(e) that has been invited to be the second admin), you'll have the power to edit and create albums in your wedding event on a smartphone device. Guests can not create, delete, or edit albums in your wedding event.

On your smartphone, you'll always be able to know what album you're looking at with our white toolbar at the top of your app screen. No matter where you are on the timeline, it'll tell you what album you're looking at in the left hand corner. If you're looking at all the photos (not organized by album) it'll say "All Photos".

While you can sort and view photos by album on your Wedding Party website, currently admins are unable to create, edit, or delete albums on the website. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes.

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How to add an album:

1) Tap on the album name on the white toolbar at the top of your screen.

2) You'll see a menu drop down that lists all the albums that are currently in your event. In the top right corner of that menu, you'll see a green button that says "ADD/EDIT". Press that button to go to your album editing page.

3) You'll be taken to your album editing page. At the top of the screen, you should see a large green button that says "Create Album". Choose that button to make a new album.

4) You'll see a small box pop up that gives you some information about albums. Press "Next". 

5) You'll be taken to a box where you can add in your Album Name, and the date (if applicable). For example, if your bridal shower is on April 30, you'd title the album name "Bridal Shower", and set the date to April 30. When you add a date to the album, Wedding Party then takes all photos that are timestamped with that date and automatically adds it to that album. So for this "Bridal Shower" album, every photo that was taken on April 30 and uploaded to your event will automatically be added to that album. 

6) Press "Save" when you're done to save your album. Now you can start adding photos to it!

How to edit and delete an album:

Once you create an album, you can always go back to change the name, change the date, add/remove photos from it, or delete the album altogether. Here's how to edit albums:

1) On the top of your Wedding Party timeline on your smartphone, select the “All Posts” button.

2) A menu should pop up which lists all the albums that are currently on your wedding event. Choose the green "ADD/EDIT" button on the top right corner.

3) You'll be taken to your album editing page. To edit an album, find the album you'd like to edit in the "YOUR ALBUMS" section. You may have to scroll down to see all your albums. Then, press the pencil button that’s next to the album you’d like to edit.

4) A menu should pop up which will show you options to rename, change the date, rearrange album order, add/move photos to albums, or delete the album. Choose the delete option to remove it from your account.

How to move photos to an album:

Moving photos to an album is a great way to make sure that all your photos are grouped and arranged correctly in your wedding event, for the best possible photo timeline! Anyone (a guest or an admin) can move photos to an album. Admins can move any photo to an album, while guests can only move photos that they uploaded to an album.

1) Find the photo that you want to add to an album, and press the "..." button at the bottom right corner of the photo.

2) When you press the "..." button, you'll see a menu pop up over the picture. One of the options in that menu should be "Move to album". Select that option.

3) You'll see a photo gallery pop up -- these are a gallery of all the photos you've uploaded that are not yet part of an album. The photo that you were viewing will already be selected. If you want to select more photos to add to the album, simply tap on the photos you'd like to include.

4) Once you've selected the photos, tap on the white "Select an Album" row at the bottom of the photo gallery. Choose the album you want to add your photos to.

5) Once you've chosen all your photos and selected the album you want to add it to, press the green checkmark. Those photos will be added to that album instantly, and you'll go back to the photo timeline.


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