Why is my cover photo cut off?

You'll notice that at the top your Wedding Party timeline, there will be part of a photo of you and your fiancé. That photo is the same one that you uploaded as your Cover Photo on step 2 of they set up. However, we've chosen and cropped part of the Cover Photo to put at the top of your photo timeline for a personal touch.

Wedding Party is currently set to crop the middle part of your cover photo to show on smartphone devices. If you're seeing your faces getting cut off or not appearing in the photo, that may be because it's not at the middle of the photo. To fix this, re-upload your cover photo using the "Edit your Wedding" button and going to step 2. Re-upload your cover photo and make sure you position the photo so the part of the photo you want to show is in the middle.

If you'd like to change the photo you used, we recommend choosing cover photos that aren't super-close up, since those often tend to cut off part of your faces.


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