How do I set up Wedding Party for my wedding?

There are two ways to set up Wedding Party -- you can either set up your own account via a smartphone device (Wedding Party is currently available for iOS and Android devices), or on our website. 

How to setup your account via a smartphone device:

If you're a bride and/or groom setting up Wedding Party for the first time, here are the steps you should take to set up our service for your wedding

1) Download Wedding Party on your smartphone from the iTunes or Google Play store.

2) Launch Wedding Party, and select "I am a Bride/Groom"

3) Go through the tutorial, and then press the "Get Started" button at the bottom of the screen.

4) Select whether you'd like to set up Wedding Party by creating a user account via email address and password, or by a quick Facebook login.

5) You should be taken through 3 easy steps, where you can enter in your personal wedding info, set your cover photo, and invite guests via text or email.

6) Now you're ready to start using Wedding Party, where you can add your wedding events, registries, and guest accommodations!

For further instructions please refer to our “How do I add a(n) event, registry, and accommodation on Wedding Party?article.

How to setup your account via our website:

1) To set up your account, first register online at and select the “I’m a Bride/Groom” button.

2) Follow our step-by-step instructions, starting with entering your wedding information, adding a cover photo, and ending with inviting your guests via email! You can go back and edit your information or invite more guests anytime once you reach your Wedding Party Dashboard.

3) To get Wedding Party on your smartphone, simply download it from the iTunes or Google Play store, and login with the information you used to create your account online.


To start inviting guests to your wedding event, we offer direct email and text message invitations that you can send out. Which provides guests step-by-step instructions on how they can easily download and join your wedding event.

If you'd like to invite guests to your wedding event, please refer to our "How do I invite guests to join my wedding event?article.


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