Is Wedding Party Private?

The only people who can see your wedding photos will be you and the guests you invite to your wedding event. This means your photos aren’t be searchable by Google, and won’t show up in any search engine results!

Please note, your event is totally private and secure with Wedding Party, but you have to do your part to make sure it's not easy for others to mistakenly join. When you first register, you will be prompted to create a unique wedding name. Think of this as your wedding's password, so make sure you make it as unique as possible! The more unique you make your Wedding Name, the less likely it is that someone will join your wedding by accident. We would highly recommended you choose a Wedding Name that includes numbers or symbols (ex. bride&groom01232015). Adding your wedding date to your Wedding Name is always an easy way to make your app more secure and less likely to be joined by anyone without the code.

Your guests will need to input this specific password to enter your wedding event. For privacy concerns, we don’t have a search bar for users to look for your wedding. So, they’ll need your specific wedding name to join, create their guest profile and begin adding pictures!

To find your wedding name, login onto our website here. Once you're logged into your account, it should take you directly to your Wedding Party website. Then your website url should be the link in your website browsers search engine. (Ex.


For more information on our terms and the privacy of your photos, refer to our privacy policy here:


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